04 April 2011

This Month...

Hey everyone! I hope you all liked my reading theme for last month. This month I am reading some of my absolute favorite type of books: romance novels! Next month I will be posting reviews for what I read this month. So that means, it will be quiet at my blog this month.

But, speaking of next month, I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a guest post review that will appear here next month. Perhaps with a review they've already featured and want to shed light on again, or a new review they just haven't had the chance to post on their own blog yet...? As long as it's on a romance novel! Also, I am looking for some hot/interesting romance book covers to share, for a favorite cover week I am planning for next month as well. If you have any you really love, just leave a comment of where to find the exact cover, or e-mail it to me (targaryan_maiden(at)hotmail(dot)com) with the subject line "romance cover" in case it gets filtered into my junk folder. You can also e-mail me there if you want to talk about doing a review for here.

That's it for now, see you all next month! :)

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