19 March 2011


Author: Kelley Armstrong
: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal.
Source: Library Book.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
Book 3 of 3 in The Darkest Powers Trilogy.

Synopsis from Goodreads.com:
Only two weeks ago, life was all too predictable. But that was before I saw my first ghost. Now, along with my supernatural friends Tori, Derek, and Simon, I’m on the run from the Edison Group, which genetically altered us as part of their sinister experiment. We’re hiding in a safe house that might not be as safe as it seems. We’ll be gone soon anyway, back to rescue those we’d left behind and to take out the Edison Group . . . or so we hope.

My Review:
After reading the last book, I wasn't too keen on continuing with this trilogy right away, but I did anyway. I didn't want to wait to finish it when this was the last book before the next part comes out in April, (more on that later, though.) and leave it behind for awhile, so to speak. I was so glad I didn't wait. I didn't really like the second book too much, but this one really made up for that.
Mainly for one thing, Derek finally changes into a full werewolf. That alone made this read worth it; because I am definitely a were kind of girl. I was so relieved when the author didn't turn him into a snarling-crazy one either. Not that I really had much in that direction to think that would be the case, but sometimes nasty surprises like that happen in books. I was happy about that because it would have been so...ugly if there were a truly vicious side to Derek, as I came to find in other characters in this book.
While I really liked this one, I wished it would have moved a little faster while I was reading it. Not just to see what happens in the end, but because it seemed there was a little filler in it in some places. Not like whole parts of chapters and such, but put throughout the book. Extra little details where they didn't really matter, like what kind of ice cream and what someone brought them for breakfast that I just didn't care about.
But I digress, with another thing I was thankful for; for finally happening, they finally did what they set out for. They stood up to the people that were, in a way, controlling their lives and took that control back. Even if only for the time being. And Chloe seemed to finally at least try to get comfortable with her powers, but at pretty much what was the end of the book.
There were some loose ends in this book and I know why. I read up on this trilogy, which is actually a first part of what seems a sort of series. The next book is called "The Gathering" and comes out in April, you can read a little more about it here. In a short interview I found with the author, she eventually plans to connect all of them - which I cannot wait to see unfold. You can also visit The Darkest Powers website for more on Chloe & friends.

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