02 February 2011

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color.

I got a Nook Color for Christmas, and of course, I was very excited about it. In the short time I have had it, it has become so addicting. I LOVE it.

Although at first, I wasn't so sure I was going to keep it. While the Nook Color is all kinds of awesome, it was a pain in the butt to set up. The first few steps were easy enough, but when it came to the wireless connection it didn't want to...unlock. I was so bummed, because it wouldn't let me go to the next step until it connected. It detected our wireless connection here, but it was locked for some reason, and it wasn't because we typed in the wrong password or anything like that, it was just like it was stuck there, telling me it wasn't going to do anything. Frustrating. Until I checked the message boards for the Nook. To shorten this story, my brother ended up driving me to Barnes & Noble praying we could pick up their wireless signal so it would let me move on to the next step of registration. It worked, and I was so happy - I decided not to run it over. :)

I must have spent at least an hour browsing their free books (which is an okay selection), and trying to decide what would be my first Nook purchase, which is so easy to do. While I have loaded it with some books, I think I actually spend more time browsing the web on this than anything else so far. It's actually pretty fun for me to be able to do that because it's fast and convenient - especially in the middle of the night. :p I have noticed that some things don't run on this, like some flash software and I can't blog on it. But I still love it.

Now as for reading e-books, I've read one so far, mostly in bed, and I love it. It's so much easier to get comfortable with my Nook and my hands don't get tired from holding the pages back from some that are annoyingly bound (like mass-market paperbacks). All I have to do to turn the page is tap the screen, and I can turn my light off and not have to fidget with my little reading light because the screen is lit with an adjustable brightness. Another thing I really love about this is being able to get sample chapters of pretty much any book available. I've already eliminated a few books from my reading list thanks to that, and it also helped me choose which books to read for my themes.

Another basic, but cool thing I love is that I can set the wallpaper to anything I'd like, like my current choice here. I also didn't have much trouble picking a cover for it either. I love mine.

So, even though it was annoying to set up, the Nook color has been impressive for me. It's my first e-reader and I absolutely love it!

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