10 January 2011

Short Monday: The Righteous.

Welcome to short monday. Where I work my way through short story books, poetry books, and whatever else that can be qualified for a short monday. (Please excuse me while I work out the kinks and find the right path for this.)

Short Monday #2: The Righteous by Jenna Maclaine, part of The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance.

As I said last week, this weeks short monday has a better result. The Righteous really grabbed me and I am really looking forward to reading the series it leads to: The Cin Craven series. This story is Devlin and Justine's, set in 1675, where Justine; mistress to the king and vampire slayer, meets and falls in love with Devlin; a vampire. By the end of this story the reader learns that Justine's sister; Solange, has been kidnapped by the very vampires that she hunts and she must make a life changing decision to save her.

There is also another prequel to The Cin Craven series in The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance, which I have not read yet (but plan to). It is the story of Morrigan and The High Kings, whom are also (briefly) in The Righteous.

Liking short stories is looking up for me!

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