15 January 2011

Definitely Dead. (Short Review.)

Author: Charlaine Harris
Genre: Fiction, Mystery.
Source: Personal Copy.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
Book 6 of 10 (?) in the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Series.

When Sookie's cousin Hadley dies - leaving everything to Sookie, she has to go to New Orleans to sort through Hadley's things. But, not before she has a date with hot shape-shifter Quinn, getting attacked by two freshly turned weres on that date, and upon meeting the lawyer and half demon that are to take her to Hadley's apartment, they all find there has been a dead half demon (messenger) in the edge of the woods of her home. Killed by someone who did not want Sookie anywhere near New Orleans possibly digging into Hadley's past.

This was a great book, not just because there was a lot more Quinn in it, but because there is a short history of The Vampire Queen of Louisanna in it's pages. I love Sophie-Anne on the TV show, and finding out a bit more about her was great. A lot happened in this book, but unfortunately, I have waited too long to sit down and review it. All I can really say is that this book was just as much a fun, entertaining read as the others have been, and I cannot wait to get onto the next book in the series.

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