11 December 2010

Madrigal (Short Review)

Genre: Fiction - Suspense & Romance.
Source: Personal copy.
My Rating: 4 out of 5.
Book one in the Madrigal series.

Young Anna has been leaving packages for the strange gentleman she once followed deep into the cellars of the Paris opera house, hoping that the contents can be of some good use to him, unknowing that it would be her very own self that he would come to desire, and that her mysterious maestro is none other than the hunted (though thought to be dead) Phantom of the Opera.
Have I ever mentioned how badly I just want to see Erik find someone who will accept him and give him the things he has been starved of for all of his sad and horrifying life? Because I really do. I have read one (great) book where he finds someone to be happy with, but comparing Erik's by the two different authors, I like Jennifer Linforth's Erik better. I think she did a wonderful job writing him and I think that Anna is the perfect match for him. Rough around the edges, she has had a very trying life full of bad men just out to use her however they can. While Erik has spent his life in the shadows upon shadows of darkness, Anna gives him a flicker of light. Of course he doesn't trust her at first, but after what I wish and hope to be a final sort of goodbye to the ever present in some way Christine, Erik and Anna are on their way together on a path that is continued in book two. (Abendlied, which is out now.) I really enjoyed this book, and I can hardly wait to find out what happens in the series as a whole, and I am so glad I have found an author that really seems to understand Erik.

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Moony said...

I want to read this book. It's so hard to find good Phantom books, or maybe I'm just trying the wrong authors.