26 April 2010


Author: Sapphire
Genre: Fiction
Source: Library Book
My Rating: 4 out of 5.

In the novel Push, Sapphire introduces possibly one of the most amazing characters I've ever read: 16 year old Precious Jones, an illiterate teenage mother of two. Precious is not only illiterate, she is sexually abused by both of her parents with no one to turn to, until one of her teachers sends her to a special school where she learns she is not alone in her devastating experiences in life, or her illiteracy. While there she makes new friends with pasts as horrific as her own, and her new, encouraging teacher Ms. Rain urges Precious to write down her life story in the class book, along with everyone else.

This was an astonishing story. And at times, it was so disgusting and graphic I had to look away from it because I could not believe what was happening. Though I couldn't put it down. I just had this urgent need; to know what happens to Precious and how she overcomes all these horrible things happening to her. Truthfully, I didn't really think she could at the beginning because she seemed to me, just so helpless and stuck in her situation, I was so glad her teacher wouldn't let her ignore her and she took her advice, which was the first step in improving her whole being. I was so proud of her for that.

I can't remember when "Precious" came out in theaters, but it has already been released on DVD earlier this year.

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