18 January 2010

Unfinished Reading.

(Just a little heads-up on my character letter blog: there's a new post up, finally! So go check it out!)
Well, I wanted nothing more this year than to start out the year with no more unfinished books on my mind. I started out great, I practically devoured Sookie Stackhouse #2 Living Dead in Dallas, I truly enjoyed it. But, I have two books that I didn't even really get started on, at all. One because I used up all my renewals on it, the other because there were other holds on it so I couldn't renew it at all. :( But, well, mostly because I barely touched them. At all. This habit of mine that I've sourly developed over last year, is really beginning to make me mad at myself. Yeah I 'm sitting here now complaining about it on my blog, but you know what, this is my last complaint about it because I'm going to kill this habit. This month I am going to really work on it. Less music and definitely less television. I can't believe how much television I've been watching! I mean really. I used to fall asleep from reading, now I fall asleep from staring at the TV. Ugh. Maddening.
I made a list of all the books I didn't make it through last year; there were ten. TEN! Plus the two this year I didn't read obviously makes 12. I am planning on tackling this list this year. Even if it kills me! The list:
  • Random Acts of Heroic Love. (This one was so interesting, especially with the pictures and the diary entries. I was about half way through it before I had to take it back to the library. *insert sadface here*)
  • The Girl from Junchow. (This is a sequel to The Russian Concubine. I didn't really enjoy that one, but I need to know what happens to Lydia.)
  • Shannon: A Novel. (Ireland. Is all I need to say. I am completely in love with most stories set there.)
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle. (I think I read about this on Regular Ruminations blog but I'm not sure anymore...I only read the first paragraph before I started feeling that peculiar due date annoyance and I ended up not going any farther on it.)
  • The Labrador Pact. (The fact that this is about a type of dog my family used to have and adore, I need to read this one.)
  • How the Dead Dream. (I really really loved this book, it was so funny and strange. T. was becoming one of my favorite characters very quickly even though he was being very strange. I was taking my time with it and before I knew it, I'd used up my renewals on it.)
  • Tara Road. (This has actually been in-reading-progress for a while now. Too long actually. I want to finally finish it this year, though I think I may have to start over on it.)
  • Three Novels of Ancient Egypt. (I didn't even start this one. But it's in one of my favorite era's and I'm still smiling about it, so I definitely still need to read this one.)
  • The Red Scarf. (Again, one of my favorite time's and one of my new favorite places to visit in books; Russia. I had a good feeling about this one getting better as it went, and I still do.)
  • The book Thief. (I started this as an audio book, but thought I'd enjoy it more in actual book form that I could hold in my hands. I just never got around to checking it out from the library.)

& That's it for my list. Except for Frederica, and The Courtesan's Scandal (which I already have on hold again actually). I guess this makes these my "must reads" for this year.

Also, I've been thinking of purging some of my books and I wondered if anyone would be willing to swap with me. I don't know when I'll actually be going through the shelves and deciding what can go and what I just have to keep, but I think it will be soon. So if anyone is interested I'll post a list after I've done it.

Now all I have left to blog is my review! Which hopefully I will write tonight. See ya later. (If you've made it through this monster-sized post!) :)

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Moony said...

I think that my TBR pile's end can be seen this year as long as I don't buy any more new books that aren't part of a series I'm already collecting.

I'd be interested in swapping books with you perhaps. I took a bunch to the used bookstore, but I have some more lying around that I have read since then. And I may have some more by the time you are ready.