12 March 2009

Phantomized Top Ten.

Well, due to boredom, and the fact that THIS IS MY 200th POST! I wanted to do something a little silly, and fun. So, here is my top ten list of (many) reasons why I love The Phantom. (Erik.)

# 10 - The lasso. Oh lord. Instead of him hanging people with it, I'd be tying him up with it! (& Then safely storing him in my basement.) :p

# 9 - He has style. Come on now, tell me you wouldn't swoon for a guy that dresses like a gentleman and can swirl his cape real cool!
# 8 - He's not afraid of taking risks. Okay, now I know the man was a recluse for many years of his lonely painful tragic life, but when he decided to declare his love for Christine (psh. whatever.) that was a huge risk!
# 7 - He's a magician. I LOVE magicians!
# 6 - His underground lair. This I don't think needs much explaining. I. Want. To go. There. :p
# 5 - He's got smarts in that disfigured head of his. What girl doesn't love a man with a head (on his shoulders) that actually has something in it?
# 4 - He seems to radiate power. I don't know what it is, but in every book I've read about him, he is a powerful character. And not just because he's usually the lead character. He has a strength that can come from only the life he's led. And I appreciate that about him.
# 3 - The ability to hold a long lasting love for one person. Okay, so maybe it was an unhealthy-one sided-obsessive love, but it was still love, wasn't it?! I think that shows a promising commitment.
# 2 - He's a musician. I...used to have a thing with musicians. When I was younger and more into chatting online, I swear, I used to come across a shitton of musicians. It was crazy! Also, I am just a music junkie.
# 1 - That sexy mysterious mask. The mask is like his shield. It protects him from truly horrified looks, makes him feel safe, it's probably even like his security blanket. It's always there, and therefore a part of him, and I am okay with that. Especially since I'm not sure if I would faint or scream or just run the other way if he ever took it off. So, the mask would be vital to our relationship. (LOL.) It's just...the mystery.


Mishel said...

Congrats on your 200th post. Cute list (= What is the first book in the Phantom series that you're talking about?

Jennifer Linforth said...

Wonderful list. Perhaps I should do the same regarding Philippe de Chagny...

Congrats on the 200th post!