15 December 2008

Secret Santa Swap!

Today I received a great surprise in the mail! From my secret santa: Hope at Worthwhile Books.
She sent me "A Treasury of Old Fashioned Christmas Stories," I love it, & it's here in time for Christmas reading too! :) I needed a Christmas read, and this one has some of my favorite authors in it. I can barely wait to start on it, and I think I will read at least one story from it tonight.
I only have 65 pages left to go with Moonlight Downs, so it got here at the perfect time. :) I wish I could have taken a picture of it, but my camera has no batteries right now, grr!
Thanks Hope!


Nymeth said...

The book sounds great and I just love that cover! So glad you're happy with your gift :)

hopeinbrazil said...

Your welcome, Victoria! I'm so glad you got the book in time. Did you suspect me? I only started leaving comments on your blog after I got your name through the "Secret Santa" program. =)