13 December 2008

I Can Never Seem to Help Myself...

Every time I go into the library I can't help but stop and look around at the shelves if I'm not in a hurry. I really shouldn't have this time, I wish I were in a hurry today but I wasn't. While I was there picking up two DVD's, knowing I already had three other books at home I should finish reading first, I found myself in front of the "new books" case. Ugh. I picked up another book. I had the thought "Well, it won't hurt to look." And wow, a title catches my attention, and here I am at home with a new library book to start on. :p lol. I picked up The Foreigner, by Francie Lin. It looks so good. & I love the cover.
I'm almost done with Moonlight Downs, which has me excited about getting closer to finding out who the hell the killer is, so it shouldn't be long before I begin this book. I'm planning on watching as little TV as possible next week so that should help. :)
That's pretty much it, besides to say that I am really excited about my late movie night tonight, because I've been waiting a while to get these from the library, and I hope they didn't get too scratched up with other people. I always wonder how that happens, all a disc should do is be transported between the case and the DVD player. How hard can that be? Going by some of the discs the library has I'd say it's pretty hard for some people. But yes I do realize accidents and little kids happen with their curious hands...ah well though! Oh, the movies are: The Incredible Hulk (one of my favorite Marvel characters!), and The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford. There's a pretty good chance that The Hulk will be watched first. :p

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