17 November 2008

Still Life with Elephant.

Still Life with Elephant, by Judy Reene Singer was a greatly fun and touching read, even though it was fluffy. All I can say is that I am a sucker for elephant-involved fiction. So, if you're looking for a fun and touching read right now, this might just hit the spot.
When we first meet Neelie, she is telling us about her husband's "collie" who happens to be blonde, beautiful, and pregnant by him. We also learn that Neelie doesn't listen very well, which can be very funny at times with what she thinks she hears. Thus begins her adventure of a life, where she decides whether her cheating husband Matt stays, or is replaced by millionaire ellie rescuer Tom. Neelie works hard to train Margo the elephant and socialize her baby, Abbie; all between avoiding her phone calls, running her horse training business, and jelly donut runs (you might want one yourself by the end of this book, I know I do). We also meet some very lovable characters in her life, both human and animal alike. (My favorite would have to be Grisha, even though he has only a small role in the book.)
Neelie makes a somewhat surprising choice in the end, and I couldn't have been more happier at finding out her new life goals.

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