17 November 2008

Little Stories.

Little Stories, by Jeff Roberts is a heart-stirring collection of stories. Filled with just the right amount of emotion and detail, each one gave me a satisfying glimpse in to the lives of the people and places that are within the pages of this short book. The author writes beautifully and simply enough to create a realistic venture, one after another of real-life situations that definitely touch the right lines of the heart.

I think the two stories that shine brightest are "The Triptych," and "The Red and The Black." I found The Triptych to be both peculiar and sad, peculiar at the wife's behavior when her husband returns home to talk things out, and sad solely for the reason of the old man (Ron) and his dog (the dog I may add, reminded me of our family dog - a black lab - which passed a few years ago, faithful and loving as ever.) The Red and the Black I found very touching in the ending, which was beautifully saddening.

Certainly not a book to miss or overlook.

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