12 September 2008

Friday Finds.

After taking a good look at the library's newest arrivals catalog for September, I found seven interesting titles. (Just click the book covers to be taken to the author's website.) I'm too lazy and tired right now to make my brain function well enough to provide my own summary of the books, so here they are from the author's websites:
  1. The Last Mermaid, by Shana Abé: The Last Mermaid is a single volume containing three separate romances. No fretting for sequels! The three different books composing it span three different time periods, with three different couples. Myth, magic, and the descendants of a legendary couple link all three stories.
  2. The Secret Swan, by Shana Abé: (This one I actually did manage to form my own summary.) Tristan Geraint, Earl of Haverlocke weds Amiranth St. Clare, who has seen Tristan as the man of her dreams almost all of her life. Then one day, her happiness is shattered when he disappears in combat, and when he returns, he finds she has *disappeared* as well.
  3. The Sister: A Novel, by Poppy Adams: From her lookout in the crumbling mansion that was her childhood home, Ginny watches and waits for her younger sister to arrive. Vivien has not set foot in the house since she left nearly fifty years ago; the reclusive Ginny has rarely ventured out, retreating into the precise routines that define her days, carrying on her father’s solitary work studying moths. As the sisters revisit their shared past, they realize that their recollections differ in essential and unsettling ways. Before long, the deeply buried resentments that have shaped both their lives rise to the surface, and Vivien’s presence threatens to disrupt Ginny’s carefully ordered world.
  4. The Bounty Hunter's Bride, by Victoria Bylin: (This one I also managed to write my own summary. Yay.) A mail-order bride makes a long journey across the West to Colorado, only to find when she gets there, that her future husband had suddenly died, leaving behind three daughters. She takes it upon herself to take care of them and make that family whole again somehow, with the unexpected help of her dead husband-to-be's brother, proposing they marry - in name only, for the sake of the children.
  5. Highland Rogue, by Tess Mallory: On her dream vacation in the Scottish Highlands, aspiring archaeologist Maggie Graham discovers a tri-spiral carving in the floor of an ancient cairn, and unwittingly sets its dormant magic in motion. Sent tumbling back in time 300 years, Maggie uncovers the most amazing find of all-a Scottish hero straight out of her wildest fantasies. There are just two tiny problems with this grand adventure: She's trapped in 18th century Scotland, and the man she's fallen for is an outlaw, a thief, a daring...Highland Rogue.
  6. Love and Biology At the Center of the Universe, by Jennie Shortridge: Mira Serafino can see the headlines now: Girl-Scout-Leading, Homeless-Feeding Science Teacher of the Year Goes on Wild Rampage of Sex, Drinking, and Drugs. Well, let her small town of Pacifica, Oregon, think what it will. Forty-five-year-old Mira, the obedient daughter, the supermom, the loyal wife, has left the building.
  7. The Brass Bed, by Jennifer Stevenson: THE CURSE: Satisfy one hundred women or be trapped in a brass bed forever. Lord Randall was a lousy lover in 1811, so his magician-mistress turned him into a sex demon. Lucky for him, his bed fell into Clay’s hands. THE CON: Sex therapy for women on an antique brass “treatment bed.” Clay has the perfect scam going, until that pesky, foxy fraud investigator Jewel comes sniffing around. Lucky for him, she has a soft spot for hunky con men. THE CHOICE: Sex demon or sex fraudster? Jewel is Randy’s hundredth woman. Now he says he’s her personal sex slave, and her case against the con artist is dissolving in a hail of hormones. Lucky for her, she’s a tough cop with a lusty libido.

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