29 August 2008

Friday Finds.

This weeks Friday Finds:

  1. The Red Scarf, by Kate Furnivall: I found this online yesterday while browsing the author's website. Even though I didn't really like her first novel The Russian Concubine, I decided to give this a go. It's looks a little more interesting, and who knows, maybe it'll amaze me somehow. :) I looked at it today in the bookstore and contemplated buying it but it was over my amount I am willing to pay for a paperback (yes, I have a limit-amount for paperbacks, leave me alone! lol), so I flipped through it a little and went on with my browsing.
  2. Trudy's Promise, by Marcia Preston: This one had an ad in the back of one of the books I bought today (which I will talk about in my next post.) and I definitely love the plot outline, it sounds positively on the way to "tragic events", which I can never get enough of for some reason, so I definitely want to read it.
  3. The Angel by Carla Neggers: This one also had an ad in the back of one of the books I bought today. I don't normally read books like this, but it somehow caught my interest. Probably with the mention of an Ireland setting, and the mystery aspect of it all. I'm not really a mystery person though, unless it's a Sherlock Holmes story. So I hope this won't disappoint. But all the same, it looks good!
  4. The Charm School by Susan Wiggs: Yet another ad in that same book. :p I think this is a romance novel, which I have absolutely no problem with. I love them. It's set in one of my favorite periods and involves a sea-journey-type thing. So it's just my style. Oh, and it's book one of a series. Yay. I love a romance series, as long it doesn't stink. Obviously. :D

That's all, except for the two books I bought today which I want to write another post about, since it has book pictures in it I took myself. :p Just click on each above book to be taken to the author's website if you are interested in any of them. :)

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