24 July 2008

a shadow, indeed.

Well, I didn't get to finish reading A Shadow on Summer. (By Christy Brown.) I only got to chapter four and back it had to go to the library. Bleah. On Link+ books they only allow one renewal. I wish I would have checked into that earlier, but ah well. I shall get this book and the three others I didn't even get a chance to start on, again (very) soon.

I think I could have finished them if my dog (Brownie) didn't have to have surgery (two weeks ago) and then be watched afterwards. He was neutered and they found a hernia (no idea how to spell it, ugh) so he needed to be pampered and watched to make sure he didn't jump up any place high or run because he could have torn his stitches. Poor little guy, he had to have a cone on his head too. lol. It all comes off tomorrow though, so he can go back to being his normal grouchy doggie-self. Barking right in my face and hording all of the good chewies in my room so the other dogs can't have them.

Anyhoo, back to the library books! I think all of that slowed me down, so hopefully this weekend I can just sit and read and start concentrating on my challenge again. :) So yay. While at the library I looked for my current book which I will start later tonight: Once A Knight, by Christina Dodd. I was pretty close to being bummed because it wasn't in the section I thought it would be in, then as I was going to leave I remembered their "new arrivals" shelves, so I stopped over there, and there it was. Not checked out after all. :) The description of the book is on the humorous side so I hope I will enjoy this read.

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