28 July 2008

Miss Potter.

If you are a Google user, you may have noticed their logo today, in honor of Beatrix Potter's birthday.

Beatrix Potter

I just adore her, and her lovely stories. I think my favorites would have to be The Tale of Tom Kitten, because I love cats, and of course The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Earlier this year I got the chance to watch the film based on her life (with Renee Zellweger), and I really became hooked on the lady behind the stories then. It was just so sad about her fiance - but then she met the other man and found happiness. (I hopefully assume!) Also finding out further about the great land preservation she had done was particularly interesting since I am a nature lover.

So it is Beatrix Potter's birthday, and I was quite pleased to find that little change this morning on Google. :) & To celebrate in my own little way, I believe I will read my favorites by her from my book of complete tales I have. I still remember how thrilled I was to come across that book in the smelly old "antique" shop. lol. I remember from third grade as well, the teacher had a set of the books and everyone in the class loved them, they were always rushed to at quiet reading time. Very fun to see which one you could snatch first. :p

A few Beatrix related links: @ Wikipedia, The World of Peter Rabbit, The Beatrix Potter Society.

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