30 July 2008

Once A Knight.

Christina Dodd's Once A Knight proved to be a somewhat trying book to read. The editing for one, I think could have been better. Character development could have been better. I didn't really understand Lady Alisoun, and found her to be a very hard heroine to *get.* At some points in the book, with what went on, I found far-fetched and hard to get through, even for a romance novel.

From the back cover:

"Only a threat to her life can make strong-willed Lady Alisoun hire Sir David of Radcliffe to protect her castle. Although he had once been a hero and master swordsman, the good life has been a little too good to the warrior, and he has become as rusty as an old suit of armor. But he needs the money to support his motherless daughter, and Alisoun is in too much danger to haggle. Once he arrives at her grand estate, Sir David must use the wits and strength that made him a legendary mercenary when Alisoun's enemy draws too close for comfort. But after he saves her life, David will be shocked to discover that the fiery damsel has stolen his well-guarded heart."

This, sounded like a very promising good read. It did have it's good moments where I got a silent chuckle out of it but never a full blown laugh. I do not think David's heart was very well guarded at all, however - Lady Alisoun's very much was, and I found her much too proper, even when she and David were alone in the book. It is a wonder to me how he even fell in love with her in the first place. The whole thing with Philippa on Lady Alisoun's part was handled much dumbly for such a "clever" lady. I mean really, with her situation, I would not have had her so often out in the open. There were, thankfully, three very lovable characters; Bert - David's young daughter, 11 year old Eudo - who is introduced first in the story through his narrative which is throughout the book, who becomes David's squire, and David's horse - King Louis, were all very enjoyable to read... And I think, that is all I have to say about this semi-disappointing read.

I had never read Christina Dodd before, and I don't think I ever will again.

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