17 March 2008

library stuff.

I recently saw the movie "The Good Earth," based on the novel (by Pearl S. Buck) with the same title, I really liked it so I decided to check out the book from the library. I haven't actually began reading it yet though but I plan to start it tonight. I hope to be finished reading it or at least have read over half way through it, by the time my other books get in at the library.

I'm just waiting for Elephant Winter (by Kim Echlin), Maskerade: a novel of Discworld (by Terry Pratchett), and Under the Skin (by Michel Faber).

Elephant Winter; I found in the library catalog: it is about a daughter and her dying mother. The daughter ends up falling for the keeper of the Ontario Safari and his five elephants. There's more to it than that, but I don't want to get too engulfed in the description or the reviews on amazon.com because I don't want to ruin this book for myself before I even get it.
Maskerade: a novel of Discworld; I found while browsing amazon.com for Phantom of the Opera related books. It looks like a parody of Phantom, but I don't mind that. I read a few of the reviews and it seems kind of so-so, but I want to check it out anyway; because I simply adore the Phantom of the Opera and I love reading anything about it - as long as it's done decently enough. In which I hope that this book will be.
Under the Skin; I found as a recommendation from someone else's diary on another site I visit. It sounded interesting from their review and the description on amazon.com, so I decided to get it. it seems like a horror book though. I hate those creepy books. I never, ever read horror. The only "horror" novel I've ever read is The Prestige. It wasn't that bad, and in fact, it was creepy-thrilling. I liked it for it's own way. This one, sounds a little more strange though, in the way that it will probably give me that gross horrific feeling I oh-so definitely hate. I am looking forward to reading it though because it will be different from what I normally read, and I feel like a change right now. I just hope I won't regret reading it for a few months.

I'm also waiting for another book - Phantom of the Opera related. I ordered The Phoenix of the Opera, by Sadie Montgomery. It is book one of her phantom series. I've never come across a series before for the phantom, so I was immediately intrigued, but a little put off by the description. But more-so, a little excited about it. Because it pairs him with Meg. I love Meg Giry, and I've always wanted to see her and Erik paired off together, so I am somewhat anxiously awaiting this book. Even if I don't like this one, I am still going to get the others of the series, because those do sound more interesting than this first one. But I wanted to go one at time with them. Also I don't see much sense in starting this series off on the second book, I just can't read like that. :p I have to know everything, because Erik is one of my favorite characters.

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