20 March 2008

The Good Earth.

What can I say about this book, except that the ending was the positively repulsing tie to a horrifyingly boring story. It was about a jerk-fool and his slave wife and his ungrateful selfish family. While I loved the movie, I hated this book for all of it's differences.

I did feel very bad for O-lan though. She worked so hard her whole life, and in the end may as well died with nothing. I felt a little bad for Wang Lung the big fool, until he took O-lan's pearls from her to give to his second woman. Eew. That disgusted me to no end, and when the father began shouting harlot at Lotus it made me laugh out loud and feel some sort of justice, however small it may have been, for O-lan, who had not the courage to do such a thing herself.

'Tis pretty much all I have to say about this ugly-sad story.

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