25 March 2008

Babble, Moving onto Elephants.

Well, after I finished Under the Skin, I decided to move right onto Maskerade: a novel of Discworld. Ugh. I got fifty pages in before I couldn't stand all the downright babble that was going on in that book. Eew. It just felt like page after page of the author's half-hearted attempt at a story. I tried looking at it as the simple comedy it was, but I just couldn't because I didn't even find it all that funny. I didn't hate it because it was a phantom parody, I'm all game to make light of something I completely adore with an open mind - it was just boring to me and I couldn't bear to even try to finish it during my 50 Book Challenge. It would only be a waste of time.

So I moved on to the next library book I had waiting to be read: Elephant Winter. I'm only around ten or so pages into it and I already am really enjoying it. The writing is very beautiful feeling and I love the idea of a story with Elephants in it. I've never read one that circulates around them before so I am looking forward to getting further into this book. :) Kim Echlin is a new author to me, and so far it has been a very good choice to take another chance on another new-to-me writer.

On another pleasant note, Phoenix of the Opera arrived yesterday. I cannot wait to read it next. :) Not to sound too shallow, but I am very in love with the cover art. :p

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