21 January 2008

reading update...

time for a little reading update.. :)

I have put Tara Road aside to read some library books. I got one that has been "in transfer" for a while now so I was excited about that. I also came away from the library with two romance novels. I just couldn't help myself. :p

one is The Pirate Next Door by Jennifer Ashley, which I just could not wait to get to, so I am actually reading that one right now, first. (it's great so far, btw.) and the second is Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan. I've never read anything by her or even heard of her for that matter, but the title and cover interested me along with the back cover description. I hope this will be a good choice, especially since I rarely read authors that aren't on my favorite list. so hopefully I have found either a new favorite, or at least a decent read.

so that's about all for now on what I'm currently reading. :)

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