10 January 2008

the first case.

I finished reading the first half of A Study in Scarlet last night. Definitely very much enjoyed it. Though, not as much as when I read The (first) Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. From that I very much loved The Adventure of The Speckled Band, and The Copper Beeches. Anyway though, back to A Study in Scarlet..it was interesting to find out how Watson and Holmes met each one another and came to reside together. I really like Watson's curiosity to Holmes - as I share it myself. I find the Holmes character to be a great wonder in my literary findings. I love this character, and I loved this first case of his.

Tonight I'll move on to the second story in this book (The Country of the Saints), which I can barely wait to do. It's been a while since I've read Holmes, not since before I moved earlier this year. I'm hooked all over again. :)

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