28 November 2007

I knew it.

currently I have been reading The Lost World, by Micheal Crichton. I really loved Jurassic Park, so I hoped I would love this one as well. it feels a little slow moving but that is okay. I just got to the part where Thorne, Malcolm, and Eddie arrived on the island. and the kids, I knew they were going to be there. the minute I got to the part where the kids came into the story, I knew they would somehow end up on that island.

I hope this will pick up more now that I've gotten to them being on the island.

my guess for the fate of Levine: while I know Levine might still be alive considering his tracker location right now in the book, I hope it'll be a dinosaur that they run into that has eaten the tracker. :p can't wait to see if I'm right or not.

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