17 November 2007

Bachelor's Puzzle.

I loved this book. it turned out perfectly in the end. I grew a bit tired of Ellie at times, but I really liked her once she confessed her love for Zack and became less annoying in her ways. I wouldn't exactly call them faults on her part though.

this is actually book one in a series by Judith Pella, I'm not sure how many more there are going to be since this was just released in July of this year, but this first book was delightful, and I cannot wait to see what else will unfold. I fell in love with all of the characters except a few and those were the villains of the story. Zack, one of the lead characters is very likeable and real feeling. in this book, the ladies sewing circle of Maintown find out that their town's new circuit-riding preacher is young and unmarried. Zack comes upon the preacher when they are both in a time of need and he ends up going to Maintown in the real preacher's place.

Judith Pella is actually a Christian-fiction author, though I am not christian myself I do enjoy her stories very much. they are simple and sweet and her characters always feel just right. and I do not find them over-powering with Christian values, either, like it's being forced. there is just enough to let you know the characters faith and what they believe in.

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