01 May 2012


Okaaay. I have re-organized myself, because once again, I was too lazy to blog! Boo. 

Anyhoozer, I have some series' posts coming up (I find I rather like talking about a series I am/have just finished reading), and I have some lingering reviews that still need to be written and eventually posted..I had an idea about a series that I am almost done with and am completely loving at the moment, I think I may go into it further than I have with any other series in the past. (As far as the characters go and the series in it's entirety.) I really like the author's style and I'm already looking forward to starting her next books. :) And yes, it is a romance series. I'm still stuck on them something fierce. (There will be a lot of romance reviews trickling in over the next few weeks.) :D

Also, I'm going to re-do my review archive to include genre's so you might see a few extra pages popping up in your feeds or however you read my blog, later in the month. I'll be sure to label them well so you can ignore them if you please. (And also so I have less kinks to work out if I manage to give myself any.) It'll probably take me a little while.

That's about it for now. :)


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing what you post on your blog.

I see you are reading Pink Carnation? Do you like it? I read it a few years back and must admit that I hated it.

Victoria said...

LOL. I started reading it a while ago and then I started the ebook-reading-like-a-madwoman spree I am still on at the moment, so it has been put aside for now. I'm on chapter seven and I suppose I've liked it enough. I still want to finish it and I'm hoping I will get sucked in since it's in one of the time periods I love. I think putting it aside has actually helped since it's been staring at me from my desk for so long now!