09 February 2012

Upcoming: Romance Week.

At the beginning of this week my romance reader's brain spouted a great sounding idea. I have all these piled up reviews; nine of them being romance novels, so why not make something interesting out of them, instead of just posting the reviews by themselves? With Valentines's Day coming up, and me being the single gal that I am, why not celebrate my love of Romance Novels? :D (From the 12th - 18th.) 
I realized how little time I have to put it together, but I'm satisfied with what I've come up with, at least for a starting point. With all of the romances I have on my to-read list, and this definitely feels like a romance novel year, this could become a monthly sort of thing. Perhaps maybe not an entire week every month (probably would end up being compacted into one day of posts), but I'm not exactly thinking that far ahead. If this week comes off okay I'll definitely be doing some more thinking and considering.
Anyhoo, I'm all organized and ready to go with: Reviews, Daily Cover Candy, and a few other things I thought would be fun to explore.
So that's what's happening with my blog next week, if you're a romance lover like I am, I hope you enjoy. And if not, maybe you'd still enjoy the cover candy. :D


Anonymous said...

Have you thought of taking part in the Blogs Gone Bad week during that time frame?

Victoria said...

I checked that out, but I didn't seriously think about joining in on it. I do love villains, but I can't think of what I would write for it..separately or tied in with the romance theme but I couldn't come up with anything that sounded truly appealing.