05 February 2012

Swearing Off the Library.

(For a month or so, anyway.) I have about a dozen books in my owned TBR pile that are staring at me from my shelves. I just can't seem to get to them though, because I have had library books that needed to be read first. I have two left now, and I can hardly wait to get to my recently purchased books.

It's actually been a while since I spent so much money on books. I used to be a strictly library kind of girl. Not just to support my local library, but to help avoid disappointing purchases. (Unless it was by an already favorite author.) I wouldn't mind sitting here and blaming my Nook with it's perfectly wonderful option to get a sample of books before you buy them, but I can't deny that there is a certain thrill to buying a brand new book. Going into the bookstore, finding the genre shelf you want, and then finding the book you want. Like I did today, after seeing TinTin. (Andy Serkis fan.) The bookstore is right next door, so of course I had to go inside. I came away with a new Jennifer Ashley. (I'm such a romance junkie lately.) But of course it's been those addicting romances that have made my read # this year go quickly up to eight. EIGHT. :D Yes, I am pleased with myself, thank you very much! (Though I am not pleased with how lazy I have become with writing reviews, I have fifteen piled up. Yes, you read that number right, 15.)
Anyway, yes I am swearing off of the library for a little while so I can get to those books that call to me every single day since I bought them. Oh! I recently bought the 20th anniversary edition of Outlander. :) I can't wait to revisit that story. Back to the library though, I must admit I have some ebooks on hold (more romances, of course), but those all have at least five other holds ahead of me so it will be a while before I can read them.
So, have you ever had to swear off of the library just so you could read your own books? It's actually about time I have. It's not just those recent purchases that need to be read, there's a few other books on my shelf (okay, more than just a few) that I should read, this year. And some that I want to re-read. (The Hobbit is a must return to for me this year.)  :)
So no more library for me. I'm also actually sick of having to pick up and then return books with my schedule lately, to be honest.


Anonymous said...

I haven't sworn off the library but I have restricted myself to one book a month for the rest of this year (or until the pile becomes manageable, whichever comes first). Long queued titles that suddenly come in are the exception to this rule. I would rather my library restriction fail than the book-buying ban when it comes to breaking resolutions. At least the library books have to go back sometime. XD;;

Victoria said...

One book a month, that sounds better than swearing off completely. Though, I'm not really sure how long I can last at staying away from the library so maybe I will end up switching to fewer books checked out at a time.. Oh, I know! When I finish one of my own books I sometimes don't want to let it go, therefore they pile up in my room and crowd my shelves. I feel like a book hoarder. :D