14 February 2012

Romance Week: Letter to A Favorite (Romance) Hero.

(Haven't met Lord Ian yet? Introduce yourself.)

To my Dear Lord Ian,

I know I have only recently met you, but I found you immediately captivating. I knew at once when you entered the story that I would absolutely adore you. I knew that you were different, and when I read bits of your past I was so heartbroken for you. I was so glad too, that you met a lady like Beth. One who would take the time to help you and accept you and just understand you. And also, to protect you. It was so heartwarming when Beth took the risks that she did so she could protect you from any more harm and prove your innocence. Yours is truly a beautiful love story.

I admit, I found you a little distanced at first. I wasn't so sure how you and Beth would come together, but you just have this interesting way about you. One that made me, like Beth, want to step inside of your head to unravel the surprising mysteries that were hidden inside.
I loved to see that you treasured Beth the way you did. It was more of a devotion than just plain unaccompanied love. I know you probably may not care for all this praise or perhaps even for this letter at all, with your unique personality traits, but I just couldn't help myself. I just needed to tell you that I find you to be one of the most interesting lead characters I've ever read. And I am so happy that you found a woman that has entranced you as Beth has. I don't think I could ever picture you with anyone else, or will ever find someone more deserving of your attention.

- Victoria

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