18 February 2012

Romance Week: Let's Talk Series, Part 3 of 3.

Let's Talk Series: Part Three: Series I Have Been Meaning to Start.

Today I am going to talk about a series I have been meaning to start: The Bachelor Chronicles by Elizabeth Boyle.
Last year, I read two of her books in another series, and I absolutely loved them. I loved the humor, and the easy read of the author's style. Not to mention the interesting plot twists and amusing, lovable characters. So naturally, I have been wanting to read more of her books. But I just can't seem to make room for them yet. Which is why I have been meaning to start this next series written by her. I'm a little intimidated by the number of books there are already: EIGHT! But I'm also glad that there are so many. It gives me plenty of time to read through them if another book comes out in this series, and I won't have to wait to find out what happens next.

Rather than talk about all eight of the books, I'll just cover the first one; in which I will definitely make time for this year on my reading list. The first book is titled Something About Emmaline. Here is the synopsis from the author's website:
Inventing a wife was the perfect solution...Or so it seemed to Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick, when he made up Emmaline for the sole purpose of deterring the ton’s marriage-minded ladies and their infernal matchmaking mothers--thereby enabling him to enjoy his carefully planned life in peace. So imagine his surprise when a stunning stranger appears in his private bedchamber…and brazenly announces that she is "Lady Sedgwick!"
Until a tempting lady turns his life upside down...This "Emmaline" has been living by her wits her entire life--and dearly desires what the dashing, much chagrined rake can provide: an entry into good society. In the meantime, she is plunging his household into chaos and, worse still, wreaking havoc with his heart. For there’s something about her spirit and fiery sensuality that Alex is finding impossible to resist. But before he can make his perfect love his actual bride, he’ll have to somehow become the ideal husband he never dreamed he could be.
To me, that sounds so...bold. I cannot wait to meet this heroine and find out exactly how Alexander responds! It sounds like a really good story, and with my experiences from the two previous books I've read, I'm almost positive (you never know) I will love this book. I may even get to it sooner than I thought I would.
I found out that there are two parts to this series: the first part is just called The Bachelor Chronicles (five titles). The second: The Bachelor Chronicles: The Standon Widows (three titles). This makes me curious and a little more anxious to start reading, to find out why it's in two parts.
I'd like to say more about this series, but I've only read the synopsis for the first book so far. I hate reading ahead like that in a series, because sometimes the synopsis for another book in a series can contain a spoiler. So, that is all I have to say about this for now!

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