12 January 2012

On A Roll.

Well, it's the twelfth and I've already finished my second book of the new year. That's a lot better than I was doing last year. I'm sort of surprising myself though, with the type of books I've been reading. I love romance novels, but with all of the choices I had to choose from for starting out a new reading year, romance wasn't really one of them. It just sort of happened this way I guess. I can't believe I've already read two, by the same author - in a series. (Margaret Mallory's The Return of the Highlanders Series.) Normally I like to take my time while reading a series because I don't usually like too much of the same characters one book after another, I tend to get a little tired of them and like to take a break. But not this time. To be honest, the reads could have been a little better, but while actually reading them, I couldn't get enough of them! So there I went, one book right after the other, and I am actually pretty anxious to get to the next book, but it isn't due out until November of this year, so I will just have to wait.
But those first two weren't the only romances I was itching to read. I had one on hold (His Mistress by Christmas) from the library since December, but I didn't get it until last week, and the other (The Beautiful Stranger) I decided to get right after I finished The Sinner last night on my Nook. I decided to go with an author I knew I would enjoy: Julia London. Also, it's part of a series that I should have finished already. So once I finish those two books, that will be four romance novels in one month. I've never done that before. I always try to space certain reads out, as I stated earlier in this post.
How about you all, have you ever gotten on a reading roll of sorts? With a certain series, or maybe a particular genre?


Anonymous said...

If I have access to the books in a row, I tend to go on series reading binges. I did that for the Warriors saga by Erin Hunter and The Guardians of Ga'Hoole by Kathryn Lasky. And that probably explains why my reading count for the year was so high considering that those were smaller books than my usual fare.

I am about to finish my 4th book of the year.

The Lit Bitch said...

Good for you!! I go through series 'binges' as well where I get stuck on a series and just read it all the way through but then there are some series that I just need to take my time with in order to enjoy it (Game of Thrones being one of those series). Keep up the good work and happy reading :)