21 July 2011

Curiousity Killing this Cat.


I've been looking more and more at my stats page and I am so curious about some of my visitors, as blogger's stats don't tell all that much. I just wonder, how do they even find my blog?, why do they sometimes visit for a few seconds, and others quite a few minutes? And, some, repeatedly? And most importantly, why do most of you never leave me any comments?! lol.

I just found it funny that that page was considered the referral site since it was the last page they were on before visiting my blog. lol.


bookishhobbit said...

It's a constant source of surprise how folks find my blog. Oh, I also wish someone would inform me how to get comments from visitors... perhaps I'm doing something wrong in my reviews and no one is telling me, heh!

Phantom Inkheart: said...

Lol, I often worry I am boring people to death or maybe they are reading my reviews and thinking "what is wrong with this person?!" Even though I am a very bad comment leaver (meaning I rarely leave them myself, bad comment karma?) I hate it when I don't get any. If that makes any sense..! :\