21 February 2011

Short Monday: The Three Spinsters.

Welcome to short monday. Where I work my way through short story books, poetry books, and whatever else that can be qualified for a short monday.

Short Monday #7: The Three Spinsters, part of Grimm's Fairy Tales.
A lazy young girl has angered her mother by not working spinning flax into thread, her mother tires and goes to her daughter to hit her, just as the Queen is passing in the street. She hears the young girl's cries and thinks she has a solution for the mother and the daughter. She takes the daughter to live with her, and promises her eldest son to wed the daughter once she has spun the Queen's flax. But the daughter is vexed and cannot help herself and does not know what to do. When she is looking out the window in her angry (lazy) helplessness, she see's three women walking by. They each have one ugly feature about them: a broad flat foot, an usually large lower lip, and the last a very big thumb. The girl relays her trouble, and the women agree to help her. They spin the flax for her, and the Queen is so pleased, thinking the girl had finally done the work - the wedding took place right away. But the three would only help the girl on one condition, she welcomed them to her wedding. The girl of course agreed and went through with her promise. The Queen's son saw her three ugly "aunts" and asked them how they came to look that way, they replied, by treading, licking, and pressing the thread. The Prince was so appalled, he declared that his wife will never spin again.
Wow, who ever thought that a lazy girl could be so clever and fortunate...

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