01 January 2011

Dead As A Doornail.

Genre: Fiction, Mystery.
Source: Personal Copy.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
Book 5 of 10 (?). In the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Series.

Something wonderfully strange happened to me while reading this book; while I still love vampires like Eric Northman and Damon Salvatore, I think I may have turned to more of a liking for shifters, right in this very book. And, there is one in particular that I hold responsible: Quinn. I believe he first appears (briefly) in this book, if I remember correctly, at the battle for pack-master among the werewolves in which our dear little Sookie attends.
But first, there is another (huge) problem to be solved by Miss Stackhouse: There is a sniper in Bon Temps picking out shape-shifters; and Sookie's brother Jason, previously kidnapped by a werepanther and bitten repeatedly, is about to change for the very first time. He could be next on the killer's list, that is; if his new shifting brethren don't get him first. While he is part of their secretive world he is still an outsider, and some of them believe it could be him doing the killing. Sookie must race against the killers twisted clock before the killer gets to anyone else - including her.
I loved this book. And once again, it completely surprised me. Not just with the identity of the killer, but the behavior of a couple of the characters. #1 - Alcide. I can't really understand why he was so mad at Sookie. Why he felt it was her fault and had to shoot her those hurtful dirty looks. I was so mad at him, and I still am actually. #2 - Quinn. He was so bold, and just extremely likable in his short appearance. I was left wondering and hoping if he would be back or not. One last thing that was helpful to me: Tara's presence in this book. I am a fan of the TV show, and after reading half the books, I just couldn't understand why they threw her in there and what she was doing there. If you've been wondering the same thing, this could answer some questions for you.

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