05 March 2010

Bloggy Update.

I know my blog has become almost as dead as a vampire and I am so sorry to my lovely followers for that. :(
I still have a review to put up, and I want to start a new Friday thing. To sort of take the place of Fairytale February which I don't think I'll host again. Not because it didn't get enough interest from anyone else, but because I didn't even start my Hans Christian Andersen book for that. I had it out and I looked at it, then I cleaned off my desk and "out of sight, out of mind" took over my brain on that one. So I'm going to read one story from it each Friday since they're all short enough to do so. Then I'll slowly get the book read. Why Fridays? Because then I can call it "Fairytale Friday." :p lol.
That's actually pretty much it for my update. :)

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mis(h)takes said...

Great reasoning for choosing Friday Victoria :D