30 December 2009

Hello World, how are you?

Meh. I had a horrifying reading year this year. I have sort of a plan for next year though. But I won't bore you all with the details. I will however, share my lame crafty project I just made to help me remember when my library books are due.

I know it looks like a first grader made it (especially with my cruddy webcam shot of it! :p) but it is exactly what I need. I had a lot of overdue books this year. Which has always been totally embarrassing no matter what age I am. It's meant to look like a bookshelf and those are books in there. All I have to do is write in the titles and the due dates. (Due dates in pencil of course, in case I have to renew it...) stick it up on the wall by my desk and that's that. Yay. :p
I have three library books staring at me right now so I'm off. Oh, & don't forget to check out my challenge and The Vampire Club - links to both on the right thanks! & Helping of spreading the word on them would be much appreciated. :)
One more thing, my library is having a bag sale on the 9th, fill up a grocery bag with books for five bucks. I'm SUPER excited. I'm also planning on cramming one or two with books. I mean cramming it. lol. Any titles I should try to look out for? Or tips? I don't know how I'm going to choose books, I don't want to be there all day..I'm thinking of going by catchy titles and a quick scan of the synopsis...also I'm going to try to get some books vampire club related so I can have a few giveaways on there if they're in good enough shape...wish me luck! :)

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