31 December 2009

2010 Read Your Name Challenge.

I'm taking my own challenge this year again, and this is the only one. I barely even started the ones I signed up for last year so I'm not going to bother with any more this year. I'm only going to try to read 36 books this year. I figure that's about three a month, so wish me luck with better reading habits this year!

The names I'm going to be reading for my challenge: Brownie (my dog), and Erik (the phantom of the opera's name.)

Better Part of Darkness, The (by Kelly Gay)
oad Home, The (by Rose Tremain)
Outlaw's Bride (by Lori Copeland)
hat Would Jane Austen Do? (by Laurie Brown)
Now & Then (by Jaqueline Sheehan)
solde, Queen of the Western Isle (by Rosalind Miles)
mma's Table: A Novel (by Philip Galanes)


Envious Casca (by Georgette Heyer)
unning Mother and Other Stories (by Songfen Guo)
reland: A Novel (by Frank Delaney)
eep Sweet (by Michele Dominguez Green)


Mishel said...

36 sounds pretty reasonable to me =)

I admit I didn't complete the challenge last year. I was 2 books short. So I'd like to try again this year, I think it will help get the books on my shelf read faster.

Mishel said...

P.S. I love the graphic!

Anonymous said...

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