28 November 2009

Working out the Kinks...

I decided to go ahead with my idea for next year about having a Vampire fiction reading club. But I decided to broaden it, a lot. Vampire is the main fiction target of course and what I myself would like to read more of, but it occurred to me, that with the popularity of vampire-whatever right now, it may not be so easy to get a vampire story each month, especially if you mainly go to the library for your books like I do because you don't have the money to buy new books whenever you feel like it, or if your library has a thousand other people requesting the same book, you may find yourself forced to wait it out and not really be able to participate. I also went through my reading list and found I had a lot more fantasy books on my list than I'd realized. I'd like to finally read them and just plain read more fantasy because I am really intrigued by that genre. So...on with the expansion categories and some authors I had on my list that might be helpful for those wanting to join the club next year but not really knowing where to start looking for such books.
Fiction with the following is acceptable:
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Paranormal
  • Time Travel
  • Travel between other worlds.
  • Demons
  • Faeries
  • Dragons
  • Any mythical creature(s) really.
  • YA containing the above is also okay.
(If I've forgotten a category above that you'd like to see and you think would be okay then please leave a comment!)
Some Authors/Books you may want to start with or explore (but certainly not required):
(If there's an author you'd like to see in the list that fits, please leave me a comment!)
I'm going to start a blog just for this club sometime (early) next month so look out for it if you're interested. Naturally all of the requirements and sign-ups will be there.
Also if anyone has any suggestions please just leave me a comment or e-mail me. I have a sort of basics outline as far as requirements and club activity:
  • At least one book from any one of the listed categories must be read each month making a total of twelve books for the year.
  • It is not required to make a whole blog post about each and every book you read for the club (at least one would be nice though!) but it is required that you stop by and make a quick comment with what book you read and a simple loved it or hated it would be great, so other members can check it out or decide to stay away. Otherwise, what is the point of joining the club really?!
  • I'll be trying my best to think up monthly discussions (such as favorite other genre, or what's your favorite vamp. etc. movie..) or maybe even memes every two weeks or so.
  • I've also been debating on finding a message board or just sticking with monthly posts & Mr. Linky's.
That's all I have for now really. I'm still workin' on it. & Suggestions or a polite 'that idea stinks, here's why I think so...' would be appreciated. Leave a comment or e-mail me at: (closed). :)


Moony said...

Sounds like it could be interesting. I might be looking to sign up for this book club. :)

Marg said...

I am definitely going to be keeping my eye on this as it develops further.

Mishel said...

I'm excited about this Victoria =) I'll be looking forward to seeing this develop and joining up!