15 October 2009

TBR Thursday.

About TBR Thursday:

TBR Thursday is a meme hosted by Drea. TBR Thursday highlights all those books that you physically own but haven’t had the chance to read yet. Or maybe they’ve already been released and you’re dying to grab a copy from the library to read but already have too many books on your table. There can be some old books, some new books, and some that are in between, but they have to be books that you want to read and review!

My pick this week is Catopolis, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Janet Deaver-Pack.

Synopsis from B&N.com: Seventeen original stories about the "city of cats."

Set in a world that exists on the same plane as humans, yet is hidden from us, Catopolis introduces readers to an assortment of cats, ranging from a feline Seer who must take destiny into her own paws to defeat a dictatorial tomcat thug...to a black cat who can call upon the powers of the "big cats" to wage a war against evil...to a cat who would be king...to the ins and outs of cat politics and the perils of using mice as ballots...to a cat burglar looking for a musical treasure for his "boss."

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Mishel said...

I absolutely love the sound of this =D I'll have to check it out.