25 October 2009

Read-a-Thon Wrap Up.

Well, I knew I wouldn't read a large number of books for the Read-a-Thon, but that is okay, because I did do the most important thing I wanted to get done: I feel really excited about getting to the next book again. Not to just speed through a story, but to sit and concentrate on one book and just get immersed in it.
I positively loved Dead Until Dark. Once I understood what Bon Temps was like and that in that world Vampires were out in the open so to speak, I enjoyed it. After a while it became like a movie playing in my head because I could picture everything perfectly, and I cannot wait to return to Sookie and her friends in the next book. Especially Eric. Even though he had a small role in this one, I hope he has more of a presence in the next books.
That was the only book I completed since I ended up starting so late on the read-a-thon. :\ I did switch at least once though, to Random Acts of Heroic Love. I read 43 pages before I wanted to get right back to what was going on with Sookie. Finishing Dead Until Dark, I read a total of 335 pages. That's a lot for me actually, lol. So I feel pretty good about that. :)
I just want to thank all the cheerleaders that stopped by my blog, and I hope everyone else who took part had a great Read-a-Thon! :)

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Mishel said...

Sorry I wasn't around to cheer you on =) Glad to hear you had fun though. I hope to join in next time the read-a-thon goes on.