24 September 2009

TBR Thursday.

About TBR Thursday:
TBR Thursday is a meme hosted by Drea. TBR Thursday highlights all those books that you physically own but haven’t had the chance to read yet. Or maybe they’ve already been released and you’re dying to grab a copy from the library to read but already have too many books on your table. There can be some old books, some new books, and some that are in between, but they have to be books that you want to read and review!

My pick for this week off of my ever-growing list:

Flodden Field, by Elisabeth McNeill

The streams ran red, choked with the blood of the Scottish people . . . - James IV of Scotland was the most charismatic but also the most doomed of the Stewart family to sit on the Scottish throne. Brilliantly clever, handsome and daring, he disdained his brother-in-law, Henry VIII of England, and set out on a flimsy excuse to inflict a resounding defeat on Scotlands ancient enemy. He almost succeeded . . .


YA Goddess said...

Welcome to TBR Thurdays! Your pick sound very interesting! - Drea

Ladybug said...

That sure sounds like an interesting read. I love history and I really have no excuse for not reading more historical novels.