25 September 2009

Scandal & Romance.

They just go together hand in hand don't they? :p

Well, next week I am having my scandal weeks again. From Sept. 27 to Oct. 11 - that's 2 weeks of scandal & romance reading. I'm going to be reading Kate Furnivall's The Girl from Junchow, and Random Acts of Heroic Love by Danny Scheinmann. I'm pretty sure there's a bit of scandal and romance in each of them. Perhaps one more so than the other. Anyhoozer, if you want to join me that'd be great! Just read as many books as you can/or just feel like with lots of romance and/or scandal in it. :) That's pretty much all you have to do!

I did this a bit ago because I was just in the mood to read such a book, & it was really fun just dedicating two whole weeks to scandalous and romantic books. (You don't have to dedicate two entire weeks though, that's just the way I choose to do it. You can join in or quit on whichever of the two weeks, because it's just for fun, not a serious challenge. - Kind of like an impulse! :p)

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