07 July 2009

First Letter is Up!

I just posted my first letter at my new blog. Maybe it's a little crazy, but heck it was fun. :p So check it out, and spread the word or write one yourself and send it in if ya please!


Moony said...

Oh, now I'm kind of inspired to write a letter like that too. :)

Mishel said...

That's such an awesome idea for a blog. I think I'll do that for the books I read and send them in to you. I'm reading Running With Scissors right now and I'm a bit on the confused side. Since the main character is the author would that be allowed? If not I'll wait for the next book I read.

Either way, I'll definitely be joining you when I can. I don't have any characters off the top of my head that I wish to write to at the moment =)