02 July 2009

Early B-day Presents!

I got some early birthday presents today (b-day is on sunday, I'll be 26! eek! too close to 30 for my tastes :p), and I could not be more thrilled with them! I got a pretty tote-bag that I am absolutely in love with, and in that beloved bag was Cornelia Funke's Inkspell, and Charlotte Bronte's Villette - which I cannot wait to read. :) Annnd, I got that pretty little metal bookmark that is on Villette. I love it, especially since I think it matches the bag. :)


Moony said...

Books for your birthday is awesome! I really enjoyed Inkspell.

Phantom Inkheart said...

Heck yeah it's awesome! I think Inkspell is my favorite out of the Inkspell trilogy (which the trilogy itself is one of my favorites, ever).

Ladybug said...

I'm a little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope you had a great day! I'll be following suit on the 17th :D

Love the cover on Inkspell by the way <3

Phantom Inkheart said...

Thank you, it was a great day. :)

I love Inkspell's cover too, it's so BLUE. It's my favorite color so it rocks. :p