14 May 2009

Snowy Night with A Stranger.

Snowy Night with A Stranger, is a Christmas themed anthology made up of three stories by Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries, and Julia London.
I haven't much to say about Jane Feather's story in this one: A Holiday Gamble, because well, I couldn't even make it into the third chapter. It just didn't catch my interest, and I couldn't even begin to root for a hero named "Ned." Seriously. Yes I am that picky. It was just slow feeling for me and the characters felt strange right off the bat. Not a good sign for me, so I just moved on to the next story.
In When Sparks Fly by Sabrina Jeffries (a possible new favorite author!), I was completely in love with all of the characters. Especially the heroine, Ellie. I just loved her. She was so sweet and charming, I hoped the "Black Baron" (Martin) would see it too and let down his guarded heart and just sweep her away. But Martin had a horrid Christmas memory that left him hating the holiday and typical "society ladies" as he believed Ellie to be. Fortunately, Ellie is able to break through all of the ice and his fears, and bring the promise of a new and happy life to Martin.
I have already reviewed Julia London's contribution to this anthology, here.

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