04 May 2009

Musing Mondays.

How many books (roughly) are in your tbr pile? Is this in increasing number or does it stay stable? Do you ever experience tbr anxiety in the face of this pile? (question courtesy of Wendy)
Oh lord, there are so many. Over one hundred I'm sure. It increases monthly, when my library adds to their "new at the library this month" page. Anxiety, usually, not really. But lately, I have been a little, because my reading habits are so very bad this year. I've only read three books this year and I am highly disappointed in that number. I hope to increase it, quickly. Like, I want it way up there by the beginning of August. (Though it probably won't be as high as I'd like.) But yes, the anxiety has been increasing! Oy. Hopefully in a few months it will have gone away though. That is, if I can manage to tear myself away from other things and focus more on reading. Fingers crossed!

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