08 May 2009

ABC Photo Project.

I recently found an Alphabet Photography Project on the web, and I decided to do it. All you do is take and match pictures of your own with letters in alphabetical order. I finished it today and decided to share it here. So, here it is! :)
  • A is for Attached. Because I am totally attached to my Sansa Fuze.
  • B is for Brownie. My doggie. :)
  • C is for Curious. Dog: Socks.
  • D is for Don't bother me... My kitty Bob.
  • E is for my Everlast necklace that I've had for years. He's my favorite musician, ever. I haven't worn this necklace in a while, but I will always keep it.
  • F is for Favorite. As in my favorite book and character, ever: The Phantom of the Opera.
  • G is for Growling, jumping and playing. That's Brownie and Socks in the picture, they're always playing together. :)
  • H is for Hip-Hop head. I will always be one.
  • I is for Inkheart. My tattoo. :)
  • J is for Just smile. That's Socks smiling, btw. :p
  • K is for Kissy. My brother's doggie who can give kisses on command.
  • L is for Listening to music. An everyday occurrence. :p
  • M is for Magical. I went to see The Phantom of the Opera last year in May, and I will never forget it.
  • N is for Nothing like it. Reading, there really is nothing like it.
  • O is for Old Skool. Lon Chaney as The Phantom. One of my favorite Phantom's.
  • P is for Photographer. Me, of course.
  • Q is for Quiet. Because I just am. I have always been a quiet girl.
  • R is for Radio necklace. Still lovin' it and rockin' it.
  • S is for Shadow.
  • T is for Time for a nap. My dog, Brownie.
  • U is for Undeniably my favorite passtime.
  • V is for Very persistent dog. Brownie wanted me to play with him, so he sat there and STARED at me until I did.
  • W is for Words.
  • X is for X-Rated. Yeah, that's all I had with a valid-genuine X letter.
  • Y is for Yay. & That's all I'm sayin'. :p
  • Z is for Zebra.

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Mishel said...

What a fun project. I love it! Great job.