03 January 2009

♥ Sweaters.

I, Phantom Inkheart, am a sweater addict. I got three new sweaters today. Yay! :) The sales were just too good to pass up. Mom and I went to the library like I planned, and then we went over to the mall, which was semi-mobbed, as usual. Well, mobbed is probably not the right word, more like crowded, and annoyingly so. Anywhoozer, we went into JC Penney's and the cheap-pricedness of everything was wonderful. :) I got these:

The red and white one are the same style, just different colors. The Red one is my favorite though, because red is one of my favorite colors. Here's a close up of it:

It is so comfortable and soft. & It only has the one button (style, not missing the rest!) and that's great for me because I never button my sweaters up anyway.

And here's a closer one of the striped one, the stripes are navy, and it has a hood on it! I love hoods. :)


Erotic Horizon said...

love the red one

Mishel said...

Yay sweaters! I really like the red one as well. Looks way comfy (=