02 December 2008

Updates; of Sorts..

I went to the library today, to pick up Coldplay's Viva La Vida in which I am planning on listening to tomorrow. I also took back a book and the MGMT cd, and I took in a book for donation. It was actually my first donation, which felt pretty good. :)
I haven't been reading much, it's not that I don't like the books I've got, it's just that other things get in the way, and I hate that! Oh well though, at least I was able to renew them today.
After the library stop my mother and I went over to Target, where one of the things we picked up was the "Prince Caspian" DVD. I can't wait to watch it, but since my mom paid for it, she told me I can't have it until Christmas, lol. She can be so cruel sometimes. :p (kidding, of course!)
I didn't do the Mad for Movies yesterday because I decorated for Christmas instead, but I love doing that so it was no big movie night loss. :p I decided to do it tomorrow night, since I usually watch three shows regularly on Tuesday nights..I've no clue what I'm going to watch yet though for a movie. Probably something funny.
I've already given up on my challenge, pretty much. I wouldn't mind adding a few more books to the list but there is no way I'm going to make it to 50 since I'm not that fast of a reader, but at least I've done better than last year's count. :) I thought about doing it again next year, but decided not to, because it would just suck to bomb on it two years in a row, lol. Besides, I already have a few other challenges I am going to participate in.
I'm off for now, to hunt for sugar cookie ingredients for tomorrow, and then to watch TV. Yay. :p

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