24 December 2008

Up Since Five.

Up since five. No really particular reason. I heard my parents talking loudly (my room is closest to the living-room and the kitchen, so I always hear everything), and my dogs heard them too and started walking on me and scratching at my door and slamming themselves against it when I told them no on waking up yet. This lasted only about ten minutes though, the talking was too loud so I figured what the heck. I got up and made some hot chocolate for my mom and I, while my dad drank his coffee and got ready for work. Stared at the TV for a good while, then at around seven mom and I decided to go out and get the last of our stuff done. This included grocery shopping, and pet gifts.
The stores we went to weren't as crowded as I thought they might be, so it was pretty simple and enjoyable. :) First stop was grocery store number one, to cash in the change I have been saving all year for the pet gifts. Then grocery store number two, because dad's work gave him a gift card there like they do every year. Then grocery store number three to get the dogs chewie toys for tomorrow because they are the cheapest there. :p Then on over to the bank, and then the bookstore, because the money I got was burning a huge hole in my pocket. :D I had forty bucks. And I spent it all on books.
I definitely knew two of the books I wanted: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (last copy left!), and Marley and Me. (Please don't laugh at my cover choice, I have a celebrity crush on Owen Wilson right now and I couldn't help myself, lol. Also the movie is what has really driven me to buy the book and not wait on it from the library.) I wasn't even sure if I'd buy a third book today, especially after wandering around the bookstore checking out books I found in the library catalog currently on my TBR list...but being too worried about hating the third book, I didn't buy any of the ones I made a short list of last night that I wanted to look at today. (I did look at all of them though - very very tempting.) I ended up deciding on one that I instantly knew I would love, False Colours by Georgette Heyer. This is one of the first one of her books that I came across, (which the library didn't have, grr!) so I hurried over to the romance section of the store, and I felt so relieved and happy when I saw they had it. So yay. :) I gots new books! I'll probably read them in January. After I finish the big pile on my night stand. :p
Oh, I also considered buying The Watchmen, (graphic novel) by Alan Moore. I came across it in someone's blog the other day, and I thought to myself, "Oh yeah, they're making a movie out of that, I wanted to check into it months ago." (I never did.) I saw it at the bookstore and flipped through it, but it was too much money so I didn't get it. I'm just relieved I put a hold on it at the library (I'm number 38), because it looks really good and will probably get even more popular as the months fly by getting closer to the movie. I also took a longing look at the Inkheart books. Strangely enough, they only had "Inkheart" out in book form; which irked me to no end.
Soooo, after all my wandering there, we went over to Petco, to pick up the rest of the pet gifts. Dog cookies, catnip, and a new seed-bar thing with berries in it for my bird. Then we came home.
Wow, I didn't think this would be such a long post, so I shall end it here. And I still have two more things to write about. Eep!

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